Karmen Brower - CEO 

Karmen Industries - Hydraulic &  Pneumatic Cylinders Solutions

Cage Code: 5P5L7

DUNS #: 078525959

NAICS Code:  333995

‚ÄčKarmen Brower is the CEO of Karmen Industries - a global solution provider of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders  for the plastic mold build, die cast die, trim die, stamping and special machine and automation industries.

She holds a BS Degree in Marketing from Indiana University and a BS Degree in Education from Western

Michigan University along with a Master's Degree in Instruction Design.

Our mission always has been - cost competitive products that deliver exceptional return within our customer's production environment. Whether it is a hydraulic cylinder for a plastic injection mold or a specialty component for a mission critical defense vehicle, our team is available to provide solutions that fit your requirement.